Market and Cheese Cave open Spring of 2023

It’s not just what you see…

…it’s what you see, smell and feel!  There’s something special about going down, down, where the earth helps establish the temperature and it just feels special.  At least that’s the way it feels to us.  Come see for yourself.  See if it takes you back (even if you don’t have that far back to go!) to a simplicity and wholesome cleanness of bygone days.  We love it here and hope you do, too.

Real Food

In a day where everything is “fortified” with this chemical or that, we find that the sun, rain and healthy soil are enough.  Whether you are looking for beef, chicken, lamb, fresh-baked breads or seasonal vegetables and fruits, our Market is Super!



Greycliff Market is an extension of our goal of sustainable and natural goodness that brings our culture back to the land–a true Agra-Culture.  That means everything may not measure up to the cosmetic aesthetic from other markets.  In fact, we know our foods are missing some things–like dies and chemicals.  If you’re okay with that, please come to Greycliff and give our Market a try.  We think you’re going to love it.

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  • (406) 930-0870

 11 Greycliff Creek Ln

Greycliff, Montana 59033

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Monday: 8am–3pm
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Sunday: Closed

Thanksgiving Day: Closed

Christmas Eve through January 4: Closed

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