Greycliff Mills has something going all year long.  Farm Days on July 4 weekend, Cider Days, Potato and Corn Harvests, Farm-to-Table Dinners or a cup of coffee any day!

Greycliff Mill and Farm have become a destination for anyone traveling on Interstate 90.  We’re about an hour away from both Billings and Bozeman and north of Yellowstone.  There’s always something going on and we’d love to meet you.


Smile Factory

Corn Harvest

All of us (and several guests) get in on our Harvests.  This Corn Harvest is an opportunity for the young people to get in on the fun.  Moms and Dads are close by and these are times enjoyed by the whole family.

About 3.14 Pieces of Pi?

Food seems to be a magnet for gatherings. Maybe that’s why so many good people gather right here.

Welcome To Montana

Winter is at 6 am

Spring starts at 10 am

Summer is at 2 pm

And fall starts around 4:30ish

Dress Accordingly

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 11 Greycliff Creek Ln

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Sunday: Closed

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Christmas Eve through January 4: Closed

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